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Niall (aka Senile Shammond aka Muhammad aka Skinner aka Red Cheeks aka Turkey Boy)

Guitar/Vocal extrordinaire. This guy is the band.

Nothing more to it.

Joey Joe Joe

Plays wanker bass.


Plays wanker drums.




Disclaimer began to congeal around Niall in early 2004. Early material included such popular songs as Song No. 6, covers including Stone Roses and Nirvana and other original material such as Anymore and (Yeah) It Feels So Good, which have since faded into the mists of time.

Disclaimer's public debut came in May 2004 at the Perrystowm "Punk-o-rama" alongside bands such as "The Band Formally Known As Long Story Short", Lost and Sound, Scattered Ashes and The Klerks. Disclaimers set, which received a less-than-raucous response from the 200 or so crowd, was performed as a four piece. Members who remained after the gig were Niall and Conor Fitzpatrick.

In the summer, Cormac Molloy joined to play bass. More "low key" gigs were played as part of Debasement Gigs. Venues included The Lower Deck and The Bankers.

It was during this time that Disclaimer recorded their ground breaking self titled EP. It included 6 songs: Warm Up Song, Song No. 6, Poser Ronan, Playing With Traffic, Warning Shot and The Truth Is Out There. It was very well received in Dublin's avant garde clique.

After months of work with Disclaimer, Conor was removed from the line up. He was replaced by Fitzer on drums. At this point, Disclaimer's set now included covers of such bands as the Libertines and the Ramones, as well as perfected original material.

After a gig at Major Toms in April 2005, Cormac Molloy was also removed from the line up, leaving Niall as the only surviving original member. Due to Niall's unhappiness with Fitzer on drums, he was moved to replace Cormac playing bass. Conor Leahy was then brought in to drum.

After a bust up while recording new material (The Super Happy Fun Song and Hubbub), Fitzer was relieved of his duties. It was then decided to bring back Cormac to reclaim his position on bass in September 2005. Disclaimer began to flourish with the advent of new material such as Quick Tune, Xmas Jingle, The Greater Good and Jazz Odyssey. A brace of gigs were played in the Voodoo Lounge, the latter of which was in support of I GO HOJO.

After the end of a recording period (November / December), it was decided that Cormac was, once more, no longer needed amongst the Disclaimer personnel. A more lateral descision was taken to fill the gap; local boy Joe was recruited on a provisional basis.

New material produced under this present line-up has been very encouraging indeed, with an emphasis being put on longer, more free formed songs. There are even rumours that a budding singer may be brought in on a trial within the next few weeks. . .

Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible Disclaimer tale!